Amidst The Chaos

Band Members :
Sunneith Revankar - Vocals (Bhayanak Maut)
Aditya Gopinathan Nair - Guitars (Bhayanak Maut)
R.Venkataraman aka Venky Baba - Bass (Bhayanak Maut)
Anshul - Drums

Amidst The Chaos is a Death / Thrash Metal band from Mumbai. Due to the members’ varied individual influences, the genre is a crossbreed between metalcore, modern thrash and math. Noticeable aspects of their music are the vocals : tardily alternating from mellow to downright guttural, uninterrupted onslaught of groove based crunchy riffs, intros semi-sated with stochastic Japanese musicians. The band has also been featured on the All India Metal compilation and the Fine Tuned Disasters compilation.

EP 'Catharsis' 2006 Track List :

1. Latent Principle  Mp3 Download YouTube 
2. 5 Minus 1  Mp3 Download YouTube 

Other Single Track List :

1. Last Page  Mp3 Download
2. Melancholy  Mp3 Download

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