Arms of Silence

Band Members :
Jeff Ralte - Vocals
Muanpuia Fanai - Guitars
Xama Ralte - Guitars
Hriatpuia Sailo - Bass
Aos Sticks - Drums
Mapuia Lp - Bass (RIP-2009)

Arms of Silence is an Post Hardcore band from Aizwal (Mizoram) formed somewhere in 2005. Even though the band is on hiatus from time to time due to hardships and studies, the band somehow manages to survive over the years and is still making the music they love the most. On 17th December 2009, tragedy befell the band when a brother and bassist, Mapuia Lp passed away. Dazed and heart broken by the circumstance, the band stood still for a moment. The year 2011 brings a new light and AOS is back on stage for the first time after the untimely loss of their brother.

EP "Philosophies of A Shoelace" Track List :

1. Fairies Taste Like Machine Gun
2. Stupid
3. It Ends Here
4. Running Out of Time
5. Be As One
6. Like Light To Flies  Video  

Single Track List :

1. Pan Is Zero
2. Lazy Rain
3. Shinfo

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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