Band Members :
Noble Luke - Vocals
Raul Bellgard - Guitars
Kshitish Purohit - Guitars
Raj Das - Bass
Aadhar Malhotra - Drums
Former Members :
Alvin Jose - Guitars

Puneet Rajput - Drums

Artillerie is a Progressive Thrash Tech Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2004. The band has been reckoned as a tight live act for its sheer energy and intensely aggressive along with technical songwriting. Armed with an extreme edge of brutality and musicianship, in a very short span of time Artillerie has established a reputation for its relentless live performances and intensely aggressive and progressive songwriting. They first came to national notice with their EP New Offensive, which was also included in the October 2008 issue of RSJ as a part of a split compilation called Extreme Metal Madness featuring other extreme metal acts. Artillerie was also acclaimed for the heavy conceptual undertones on Eradefiled and the artwork that supported the concept - earning Best Artwork as one of the nominations at the 2010 Rolling Stones Metal Awards.

EP 'New Offensive' 2008 Track List :

1. Blind Pharisee  Mp3 Download
2. New Offensive  Mp3 Download
3. Retrospect In Red  Mp3 Download
4. Song of The Trodden  Mp3 Download

Album 'Eradefiled' 2010 Tracklist :

1. The Impelled  YouTube 
2. Phalanx of Chaos  YouTube 
3. Temple of Zeus  YouTube 
4. Hate Imbrued  YouTube 
5. Tormentor  YouTube 
6. Uninhibited  YouTube 
7. Lapse  YouTube 
8. Winter of Silence  YouTube 
9. Life To These Bones  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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