Band Members :
Upen Patel - Vocals / Guitars
Robin Patel - Guitars
Anik Desai - Drums

Athanasia is an Immortal Metal band from Mumbai, formed in the end of 2008. 'Athanasia' [ 'Ath - uh -NEY - Zhuh'] is a Greek reference to the quality of being Deathless and having an Eternal life. As the name suggests, this band introduces a new Genre called 'Immortal Metal' that consists of melodic metal with vicious growling and screeching vocals intermingled with opera, laced with bass and guitar patterns with just the right grooves and textures making it "Catchy Yet Aggressive!". Lyrically, the band tries to cover epics, myths, and stories about the Gods, the Dark Lords, the Satan, the Heroes, the Great Warriors, Power, Energy and the Immortals! 'Athanasia' plays mostly originals through which they seek to reach different levels in Music.

Single Track List :

1. Break of War  Mp3 Download  
2. Blood March
3. The Empowered
 4. Enigmatic Soul
5. Falling Angel

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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