Band Members :
Rohan Solomon - Vocals / Guitars
Nikhil Malik - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Sid Mathur - Bass / Backing Vocals
Srijan Mahajan - Drums

Cyanide is an Alternative Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2001. They has come a long way from playing in school assemblies to performing on some of the biggest stages this country has to offer for rock music. The environment that brought the band together has allowed them to groom a sound that mirrors the best of Modern Rock and at the same time combining elements of a wide spectrum of genres varying from Nu Metal to 80's Rock n' Roll. The band has become popularly known for its signature crunching guitar riffs and pop choruses giving them a solid, melodic and powerful sound with all the right ingredients that define today's modern rock music.

Album "Lead The Way" 2009 Track List :
[Solo Gospel Album by Rohan Soloman]

1. Lead The Way  Video 
2. Sing Hallelujah
3. Embrace You
4. Hold Me
5. Forgive Me Lord
6. Good Time
7. Learn The Truth
8. Love of The Lord
9. Follow Him
10. Make A Change

EP 'Not Over Yet' 2010 Track List :

 1. Not Over Yet  Mp3 Download
2. Pretence  Mp3 Download
3. Holding Cell  Mp3 Download
4. Untold Misery  Mp3 Download
5. Tommorrow  Mp3 Download Video

Album "Sugarcoated" 2011 Track List :

1. Abstract  Mp3 Download
2. Lucid Dream  Mp3 Download
3. Lucid Dream (Acapella)  Mp3 Download
4. Cool Breeze On 'Camels Back'  Mp3 Download Video
5. My Bitch  Video
6. Money
7. Not Giving Up  (Acoustic)Video 
8. Beat It

Single Track List :

1. Party On Me
2. Find You  Mp3 Download 
3. Pride

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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