Dark Vengeance

Band Members :
C. Mayang Longchar - Vocals / Lead Guitars
Joe - Guitars
Yong ''Boxer'' - Bass / Vocals
Lipok Lemtur - Drum

Dark Vengeance is a Heavy Metal band from Dimapur, Nagaland formed in 2003. With the releasing of the debut album “MALDICTION” which was the awakening potion for the band. The album was awarded the best album of the year in 2005(Bangalore). The album has 10 songs which are written according to modern life and where people don’t care anymore. The new album is tilted “ BENEATH THE REMAINS” released in 2009 and it is much better and slightly different than the first album with more aggression and raw metal riffs with couple of great slow numbers for the rock fans. 

Tracks from the album 'Maldiction' 2005 and 'Beneath The Remains' 2009

1. Take Me Far Away
2. Bleeding Soul
3. Goodbye Ain't The Last Word
4. Lycan The Beast
5. What's Going
6. King of Kings
7. Embraced By Hatred   Mp3 Download 
8. Feeble Ways of Man   Mp3 Download
9. Solace   Mp3 Download
10. Condemned O Misery   Mp3 Download
11. Death Is My Saviour   Mp3 Download

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