Band Members :
Brian D'Souza - Vocals / Guitars
Darshan Thakkar - Guitars
Kevin D'Souza - Bass / Keyboards
Ashwin Thakkar - Drums

Dementra is a Thrash Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 1997 by Brain D'Souza and as a band they have always gone ahead by doing things their own way. They unite to ignite their flame if inevitable talent to emerge through the barrier of the Indian music industry as Dementra - a metal outfit that spelt out attitude the day it was born and redefined the way rock evolved in India. The band have their own Level "Dementrax Records". They are the pioneers who put Indian metal on the World Map. The first Indian metal band to top MP3.com world charts & using the Internet as a tool to get Indian metal music across to an international audience. Dementra continues to invade the extended minds of true hard-core metal lovers with their deep & intense music .

Album 'Doorway To Demention' 2001 Track List :

1. Mind of War  Mp3 Download
2. Bloodmoon
3. Hands of The Enemy
4. Hate
5. Prisoned Belief
6. Strangled Hope
7. Testimony of Terror
8. World of Assault

EP "Experience The Extreme" 2003 Track List :

1. Strangled Hope (Video)
2. Eat The Plague

Album 'Lost At Creation' 2004 Track List :

1. Eat The Plague  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2
2. Thirst For Betrayal
3. Nightcrawler  Mp3 Download
4. Free The Flesh
5. Beyond The Mask  Mp3 Download
6. Eat The Plague (video)

Album "Burn The Moon" 2012 Track List :

1. Imperative
2. Germ
3. Demons Be Gone
4. Myopia
5. Losing The Leech

Single Track List :

1. Inside You  Video 
2. Imperative  Video 
3. Burn The Moon
4. Doorway To Demention

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