Band Members :
Axl Hazarika -  Vocals / Guitars / Music Composer
Keng Bhattacharya - Vocals [Vine Dead Straw / Sweet Ashley]
Shantu Das  - Guitars 
Raju - Guitars
Ryan Hazarika  - Bass [Vine Dead Straw]
Biswa Borah -  Drums / Percussions

Elektrokore is an Industrial / Avant-Grade band from Guwahati, presently based in Delhi. The fact that they came together from different genres of music has helped us grow with each other. They came together with the single thought of covering a wide spectrum of music. Combining our influences from, metal, avant-garde, electronic, industrial metal, some trance and some dark-wave they have been told many a time that their music is sometimes too eccentric for the ears. That however does not deter them from breaking conventions in their tryst to make music like no other. They write our lyrics in English, Assamese and Sanskrit which come with messages to our brethren, our countrymen and the world. The intoxication that they get on stage is like no other as they share their energies and try and deliver as much as they can on stage and off it. They are always in a constant genesis to make music and never stop working on their songs constantly striving to make them better.

EP 'Elektrokore' 2008 Track List

1. Maatribhoomi - A Call For Peace
2. Life  YouTube   
3. Joi Aai Axom (Rebels Call)
4. Was I Waiting For You


Axl Hazarika Album "Elektrokore 1" 2012 Track List :

1. A Tribute  YouTube 
2. Life  YouTube 
3. Was I Waiting For U - i  YouTube 
4. []  YouTube 
5. Anger  Video YouTube 
6. Don't  YouTube 
7. Was I Waiting For U - ii  YouTube 
8. Re-leased (Cover)  YouTube 

Other Singles Track List :

1. Jai Shiv Shankara
2. Maha Kali
3. Sacrifice
4. B-Deshi  Mp3 Download YouTube
5. Hum Badal Gaye  YouTube Video 
6. Prisoner In Me  Mp3 Download YouTube  

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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