Gruesome Malady

Band Members :
Vikram Bhat - Drums / Vocals
Jimmy Palkhivala - Guitar / Bass / Vocals 

Gruesome Malady  is a Grindcore band from Bangalore, formed in 1999. They are the most bowel-churning, bile spewing, indescribably sickening horror/gore-grind project ever to raise its hideously deformed head in the country of India. The duo started to create Gruesome Malady for the sole purpose of satiating their most sickening, morbid desires. Revelling in the hideous depths of human degradation, be it the simple pleasures of violent psycho-sexual depravity, pustule infested gore-worship, extreme morbid sadism or absurdly bizarre fetishism, Gruesome Malady feature awesome horror/porn intro's, crushing, tortured riffs & leads, relentless scrotal-bludgeoning hyper-blasts, and sick, vomit-gurgling vocals. Easily capable of ravaging and sodomising the senses in a merciless onslaught of mindless intensity, the band gained infamy quickly! Roadcrew Records officially announces the release of their latest album which is a limited edition discography release of India's most violent, sickest metal band, the mighty Gruesome Malady. The 2x CD limited edition 'Anthology' album features all the tracks from the full length 'Infected With Virulent Seed' and as well as the tracks from the Split EPs.

Demo "Promo CDr" 2002 Track List :

1. Malodorous Ejaculation
2. Molesting The Disembowelled
3. Ingest The Excrement

Album "Infected With Virulent Seed" 2003 Track List :

1. Malodorous Ejaculation  YouTube
2. Foul Gases Emanating From A Ruptured Anal Tract  YouTube 
3. Sodomizing The Infirm  YouTube 
4. Ingest The Excrement
5. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
6. Lactated On Festering Mammary Pus  YouTube
7. Infected With Virulent Seed  YouTube 
8. Molesting The Disembowelled  YouTube 
9. Fermented Urine Therapy  YouTube 
10. Embalmed In Fetid Rectal Discharge

Split 'Torturing Your Ghost' 2004 Track List :
along with 'Mortuary Hacking Session'

1. Degraded And Defiled
2. El Ataque Delos Muertos Sin Ojos
3. Crypts of Ichor / Frenzied Evisceration of Viscous Excrescence  YouTube  
4. Mangled by Rodents

Split 'Aura of Atrophy' 2005 Track List :
along with 'Patologicum'

1. Post-Mortal Insemination
2. March Of The Mongoloids
3. Aura of Atrophy  YouTube 
4. A Cranium Divided  YouTube
5. Boneyard (Impetigo cover)

Album "Anthology" 2010 Track List :

CD 1
1. Malodorous Ejaculation
2. Foul Gases Emanating from A Ruptured Anal Tract
3. Sodomizing The Infirm
4. Ingest The Excrement 
5. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay (Autopsy cover)
6. Lactated on Festering Mammary Pus 
7. Infected With Virulent Seed
8. Molesting The Disemboweled 
9. Fermented Urine Therapy 
10. Embalmed In Fetid Rectal Discharge

CD 2
1. Degraded And Defiled
2. El Ataque Delos Muertos Sin Ojos [Instrumental]
3. Crypts of Ichor/Frenzied Evisceration of Viscous Excrescence
4. Mangled by Rodents
5. Post-Mortal Insemination
6. March of The Mongoloids
7. Aura of Atrophy
8. A Cranium Divided
9. Boneyard (Impetigo cover)

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Track 'Mangled By Rodents' featured in "The Ultimate Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind/Porngrind Compilation Part 23"

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