Band Members :
Akhil Unnikrishnan - Vocals
Abhijit Namboodiripad - Guitars
Hareesh Kumar - Guitars
Benjamin Thomas - Bass
 Kevin Paul Prichard - Drums
Former Member :
Arpith Easo Samuel - Drums

Heretic is an Alternative Metal band from Cochin / Bangalore, formed in September 2005 named after the fearless Greek who was burnt alive for voicing his opinion. Heretic believes in speaking out fearlessly and thinking out of the box, unafraid to voice their opinion and standing their ground. They are rated among the best bands from Kerala. Heretic has played all major rock festivals in South India, throughout Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Their track 'Reprise' is been featured in a compilation album like Serenity and The Great Eastern Rock Vol.I. They are currently working on their debut full-length album titled "From Words To Epilogues".

EP 'Reprised' 2008 Track List

1. Reprise  Mp3 Download YouTube
2. Bleed To Hell
3. Slaves And The System


Album "Words of Epilogue" 2012 Track List :

1. Echoes From A Canvas
2. Reprise
 3. Choice
 4. Slaves And The System
 5. Words To Epilogues
 6. Alone
7. Bleed To Hell
8. Thoughts  Video 
9. Ring of Colours

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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