I Surrender My Sanity (Formerly "Smiling Furnace")

Band Members :
Sagar Arora - Drums / Vocals
Nitin Bura - Vocals 
Rohan Daniel - Guitars
Ruben Rogers - Guitars 
Mayurath - Bass Guitars
Former Member :
Rohit Dalal - Bass Guitars

I Surrender My Sanity (Formerly known as Smiling Furnace) is a Hardcore / Metalcore band from New Delhi, formed in June 2009. The band started when 3 friends started to jam and decided they wanted to make a band. Soon enough they had a bassist, a drummer and a 2nd guitarist to fill in the empty slots.

Single Track List :

1. Stuck Upon My Last Breath  Mp3 Download   
2. Ninth Circle of Hell  Mp3 Download 
3. Lost In My Way
4. Breaking

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