Band Members :
Salyeng Chakma - Vocals
Vishnu Kumar - Guitars / Vocals 
Deepan - Guitars 
Mayurath Gupta - Bass
Anshul Malhotra - Drums

Iafway is a Hardcore / Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2008. The band entered the local Metal scene with its first gig as part of the RSJ PUBROCKFEST 2009. With 3 gigs under their belt, the band has already made a decent name for itself in the Delhi Metal scene - aptly being given the tag NWOIHSM (New Wave of Indian High School Metal) by Rock Street Journal Magazine. 

EP 'Engravings' 2010 Track List :

1. Engravings  Mp3 Download
2. Takshkent  Mp3 Download
3. Unsaturaed  Mp3 Download
4. The Finishing Touch  Mp3 Download


Other Single Track :

1. Aliens Listen to Elecro  Mp3 Download
2. We Play Hardcore  Mp3 Download

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