In Exile

Band Members :
Manyu Malhan - Guitars / Bass / Drums / Percussion
Jay Mamgain - Vocals
Fabio Serra - Drums

In Exile is a Djent / Tribal / Death Metal band from Delhi and was born from an insane initiative taken by Manyu and Ajay. Their music can be easily described as a chaotic mixture of djent/progressive and tribal metal, combined with lyrical themes about meaninglessness, insanity, lifelessness and lobotomy. On March 2011, they welcome a new member in their line-up an Italian drummer, Fabio Serra that is very near to IN EXILE style, and since then he is working closely with them and making his mark from the level of the drum composition and rhythm line of the tracks. His intensity and sheer passion has pushed them in a whole new dimension. They are currently working on new tracks for their upcoming EP "Lobotomy".

Single Track List :

1. Parable of Insanity  YouTube   
2. Man's Searching For Meaning  YouTube   
3. Tribal Opus  YouTube
4. Shadow of Reflection
5. Feared
6. Analbeads
7. R.S.V.P.
8. Psychogenesis

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2

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