Band Members :
Leon Fredrick Ireland - Vocals
Christopher 'Christy' Vasanthkumar Samuel – Guitars
Allen Roy – Guitars
Mario Michael Desmier – Bass / Vocals
Shyam Ranjith Jeyapaul – Drums
Timothy 'Timmy' Madhukar – Keyboards / Vocals

Moksha is a Rock band from Chennai, formed in November 1995. They have also played a role in establishing the genre itself in India. Unlike most Indian rock groups, Moksha has written some original songs in addition to the covers they perform. Moksha was also the only Asian group to perform for the Iron Maiden tribute album Children of The Damned. They followed this by being featured on a Metallica Tribute album Phantom Lords, they had two songs listed, the first being an original composition 'Dine with The Devil' and other a cover 'The Four Horsemen'. On Dec 18, 2006, the lead singer of the band, Leon Ireland, died due to a massive cardiac arrest in the early hours of the morning. Ireland, who was married, was neither a smoker nor an alcohol drinker but suffered from Asthma. On March 17th 2007, when Iron Maiden was performing for the first time in India in Bangalore, Bruce Dickinson dedicated the song 'Wrathchild' in Leon's memory. They are one of the few bands in South India to actively write and perform original music. They draw inspiration from Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Deep Purple. Their track 'Stay' was featured in GIR Vol.III and 'Forever Never' in GIR Vol.VII.

Demo 'Walk Before You Crawl' 1999 Track List :

1. Stay  Mp3 Download YouTube 
2. Chasing My Life  Mp3 Download 
3. Dine With The Devil  Mp3 Download YouTube: Link 1 Link 2
4. Maiden Medley (Iron Maiden cover)
5. The Four Horsemen (Metallica cover)

Single Track List :

1. Can I Play With Madness
2. New Life  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. the above link dont not work help me to get all moksha song. these guy are really awesome.

  2. Moksha and their smashing numbers have always been great. I wish to get the link for the song "Chasing my Life"

  3. Moksha and their massive numbers have always been inspiration to me. I wish if I could get the link where I can download the song "Chasing my Life".

  4. Moksha and their massive hits have always been inspiration to me. I wish if I could get the link where I can download the song "Chasing my Life"

  5. The download links are updated! can download now.


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