Reptilian Death

Band Member :
Sahil Makhija - Vocals / Drums / Guitars
Vinay Venkatesh - Vocals
Nitish Hegde - Guitars
Ashwin Shriyan - Bass

Reptilian Death is a Death Metal band from Mumbai, formed in May 2001 as a solo project of Sahil Makhija [Demonic Resurrection, The Demonstealer, Workshop and Hellwind]. The project was meant to be a grindcore / death metal project. The songs are a mix of death metal and grindcore but contained the unusual element of humor which gave the whole concept a sort of spoof feel.

EP "5 Easy Ways To Murder Someone" 2001 Track List :

1. Beheading  Mp3 Download
2. Smashing The Skull  Mp3 Download
3. Stabbing  Mp3 Download
4. Bullet To The Head  Mp3 Download
5. Burning  Mp3 Download

Album "Total Annihilation"  2003 Track List :

 1. Intro  Mp3 Download   
2. Reptilian Death  Mp3 Download
3. The Second Coming of Evil  Mp3 Download
4. Bathed In Blood  Mp3 Download
5. Total Annihilation  Mp3 Download
6. No Way To Die  Mp3 Download
7. Abortion  Mp3 Download
8. Nursery Rhymes for Satan's Children (Bonus Track)
9. 5 Easy Ways to Murder Someone (Bonus Track)

EP "Nursery Rhymes For Satans Children" 2005 Track List :

1. Baa Baa Bloody Sheep  Mp3 Download
2. Mary Had A Little Lamb (Cooked Fine)  Mp3 Download
3. Jack And Jenna Jameson  Mp3 Download
4. Little Jack Horney  Mp3 Download
5. Hump Me Dump Me  Mp3 Download

EP "Intestinal Feast" 2006 Track List :

1. A Cranial Funeral  Mp3 Download
2. Grasp Of The Anaconda  DMp3 Download
3. Intestinal Feast  Mp3 Download
4. Ghouls Of War  Mp3 Download
5. Bathed In Blood  Mp3 Download

Album "The Dawn of Consummation And Emergence" 2013 Track List :

1. Primevil

2. Inchoate
3. Stimulate. Hike. Impel. Tear
4. Soaked With The Imperfections of Puerile Blood
5. Emerge, Hatred, Emerge
6. Distorted By Bondage, Blood & Bestiality
7. Unnervingly Perverted At The Altar
8. Patchwork And The Art of Skinning
9. O
10. Now You Graze Upon Me
11. Marvelous Gods – The Apple of My Eye
12. Emergence – The World, Your Playground

Singel Track List :

1. Emerge, Hatred, Emerge

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