Serenity : India And Pakistan

Roadcrew Records (IND), Ironline Productions (PAK) and Stampedes Inc. (PAK) have joined together to bring out a music compilation featuring 12 of the hottest bands from India and Pakistan in an attempt to bring cordial relationships between our countries and to bring an end to the violence. The compilation feature bands such as Inner Sanctum, Zygnema and Demonic Resurrection from India and Half An Eye, Communal Grave and MobrulZ from Pakistan.


1. Half An Eye – A Different Day  Mp3 Download
2. Communal Grave – Blinded By Deceit  Mp3 Download
3. Imran Siddique – Afra Tafri  Mp3 Download
4. Half An Eye – Wasting My Time  Mp3 Download
5. MobrulZ – Demolition  Mp3 Download
6. Anesthezia – Turning Around  Mp3 Download
7. Heretic – Reprise  Mp3 Download
8. Rat King – The Wake  Mp3 Download
9. Demonic Resurrection – A Tragedy Befallen  Mp3 Download
10. Zygnema – 59  Mp3 Download
11. Inner Sanctum – Quarantine  Mp3 Download
12. Manoj Jacob – Whose Line Is It Anyway  Mp3 Download


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