Skyharbor previously known as 'Hydrodjent'

Band Members :
Eric Emery - Vocals [Meytal]
Keshav Dhar - Guitars
Devesh Dayal - Guitars (Goddess Gagged,Workshop)
Krishna Jhaveri - Bass (Goddess Gagged)

Aditya Ashok - Drums (Rosemary/The Colour Compound)
Former Members :
Nikhil Rufus Raj - Bass
Dan Tompkins - Vocals (Ex.Tesseract)
Anup Sastry - Drums

Skyharbor is a Progressive Metal band from Delhi, Mumbai and Cleveland (US), formed somewhere in 2010. The band starting out as a simple bedroom studio project named 'Hydrodjent' by Keshav Dhar and is now signed with 'Basick Records'. The band quickly evolve into one of India’s hottest metal prospects with huge admiration coming in from some of the biggest names in metal worldwide.

Album "Blinding White Noise : Illusion & Chaos" 2012 Track List :

1. Illusion : Dots  YouTube 
2. Illusion : Order 66  YouTube 
3. Illusion : Catharsis  YouTube 
4. Illusion : Night  YouTube  
5. Illusion : Aurora  YouTube 
Illusion : Celestial  YouTube 
7. Illusion : Maeva  YouTube 
8. Chaos : Trayus  YouTube 
9. Chaos : Aphasia  YouTube 
10. Chaos : Insurrection  YouTube 

Album "Guiding Lights" 2014 Track List :

1. Allure  YouTube 
2. Evolution
3. Idle Minds  YouTube 
4. Miracle
5. Halogen  YouTube 
6. New Devil  YouTube 
7. Patience  Video YouTube  
8. Guiding Lights  YouTube 
9. Kaikoma
10. The Constant  YouTube  

Single Track List :

1. Running Red Lights  YouTube 
2. Out of Time  YouTube
3. Blind Side  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
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  1. love d whole set

  2. how do i contact u guys
    want to talk about a gig

    1. Try to contact them in their facebook page!


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