Band Members :
Jimmy Bhore - Vocals
Sidharth Kadadi - Guitars
Leon Quadros - Bass
Mayank Sharma - Drums

Zygnema is a Thrash / Groove Metal band from Mumbai, formed in December 2006. The band  mainly focuses on the social / political 'fuck-ups' and loves to dig deep down on riffs that are heavy and groove oriented. This band is particularly known for their immensely energetic and aggressive live performances. With a list of versatile compositions from their debut album "Born of Unity", the band has been on a rampage, ripping every stage they step on. Currently the band is working on their upcoming second full-length nine-track album title "What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete".

Album 'Born of Unity' 2010 Track List :

1. Phobia  YouTube 
2. 59  YouTube 
3. Into The Darkest Night  YouTube 
4. Scarface  YouTube 
5. Machine State Hibernation  YouTube  
6. Discriminate  (Live)Video YouTube 
7. Theory of Lies & Negation  (Live)Video YouTube 
8. National Disaster  YouTube 
9. Born of Unity  YouTube 

Album "What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete" 2015 Track List :

1. Embryo
2. What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete
3. Shell Broken Hell Loose
4. Endangered
5. Conflict
6. Invidious I
7. In-Kog
8. Misguided (Prelude)
9. Reform Rebirth
10. The Phoenix Effect
11. A Design To Choose (Ft. Sunneith Revankar)

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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