Acrid Semblance

Band Members :
Anubhav Misra - Keyboards / Vocals
Vikas Dharamsattu - Guitars
Vaibhav Misra - Guitars
Chiranjeev Brahma - Bass
Varun Sood - Drums

Acrid Semblance is a Melodic Death Metal band from Delhi, formed in 2002. They have released EP 'Mindgames' which was originally released by RSJ Magazine 2008. They quickly rose to fame with their ground breaking debut album 'From The Oblivion' which was released by Demonstealer Records. A melodic maelstrom that snaps neck as much as it allows the foot to tap, Acrid Semblance make music that incorporates a vicious guitar and rhythm section attack with keyboard flourishes, which has seen their fan base grow ever since their 2003 offering 'Soul Corrosion', snaked its way into the Indian metal underground. Currently the band is working on their second full-length album titled "Land of Cowards".

EP 'Soul Corrosion' 2003 Tracklist :

1. Baptised Within
2. Hour Glass Misery!
3. Quest For Spirituality  Mp3 Download 
4. Soul Corrosion
5. Acrid Semblance...

Album 'From The Oblivion' 2006 Tracklist :

1. From The Oblivion  Mp3 Download 
2. A Perfect Pseudocrity  Mp3 Download  
3. Mindwarp II  Mp3 Download  
4. Genesis 18.05  Mp3 Download 
5. Acrid Arts  Mp3 Download 
6. Running For Eternity  Mp3 Download 
7. Mindwarp I  Mp3 Download  
8. The Desecrator  Mp3 Download 
9. Burning The Ashes  Mp3 Download


EP 'Mindgames' 2008 Tracklist :


1. Mindgames  Mp3 Download 
2. Phrophecy of War  Mp3 Download  
3. Wasteful Hate  Mp3 Download
4. The Desecrater  Mp3 Download 


Singles Track :

1. Litany For Fear
2. Eyes of Chaos
3. Nothing Remains
4. Denial  YouTube 
5. Through The Glass Door

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