Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets

Band Members :
Kishore Krishna - Vocals / Bass / Guitars / Keyboards
Prabhu Muralee - Drums
Nischinth Murari - Guiatrs / Bass
Abhinav Krishnaswamy - Guitars / Bass

Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets is an Alternative Rock band from Chennai, formed in 2008 by a singer-songwriter Kishore Krishna as a recording project. Krishna had released 2 self-produced albums 'Snakeism' in 2010 and 'Dead Loops' in 2011. Now its has been evolved as a full-fledged band with a sound that fluctuates between RnB inspired guitar pop and late 70's post punk. Currently the band is working on their full-length album titled "More Songs From An Island" which will be releasing soon.

Demo 'The Underwater View' Track List :

1. No Soul  Mp3 Download
2. Snakes And Geometry  Mp3 Download
3. Puppy Love  Mp3 download
4. Darling Nessie  Mp3 Download
5. Vengeful Horseman's  Mp3 Download
6. Snake Scar  Mp3 Download
7. Luciferareu  Mp3 Download
8. Dark Queen of The Hill  Mp3 Download

Album 'Snakeism' 2010 Track List :

1. Black Eyed Monster  Mp3 Download
2. No Way Around  Mp3 Download
3. Ouroboros Blues  Mp3 Download
4. Sheepdog  Mp3 Download
5. Crutch  Mp3 Download
6. Ode To A Thorn  Mp3 Download
7. Can't Stand The Light  Mp3 Download
8. Little Monkeys  Mp3 Download
9. Under The Carpet  Mp3 Download
10. . Deepthroat  Mp3 Download
11. Johnny's Last Stand  Mp3 Download


Album "Dead Loops" 2011 Track List :

1. Purgatory City  Mp3 Download 
2. I Will Follow  Mp3 Download 
3. Acid Facial  Mp3 Download 
4. Harvest  Mp3 Download 
5. Suicide Girl  Mp3 Download 
6. Lotus  Mp3 Download 
7. Late In The Day  Mp3 Download 
8. Little Man  Mp3 Download 
9. Rat  Mp3 Download 
10. Poison Flask  Mp3 Download 
11. Wretched Ghost  Mp3 Download 
12. Transit  Mp3 Download 

Album "Songs From An Island" 2012 Track List :

1. Rise-upping  Video 
2. Saturday Night Shake Shake
3. Redecoration Blues
4. The Devil's Plateau
5. Wartime Mornings
6. Magic Wand
7. Shanti's Last Stand
8. Dominus-Domina
9. Entreaty
10. Katy
11. Cracks On The Screen

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  1. extremely talented indeed. Voice are superb.

  2. extremely talented indeed. Voice is superb.


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