Orbitual previously known as Band Aid

Band Members :
Sachin Vijayapuram - Vocals
Ketan Bahirat - Guitars
Ayush Jain - Bass
Tushar Bajaj - Drums

Orbitual (previously know as Band Aid) is a Progressive Metal band from Bangalore, formed in the summer of 2010 by four guys who wanted to make some good music and enjoy themselves, make people head bang, and see some circle pits. The band members all have varied influences, from Soft Rock, and Classic Rock to Brutal and Heavy Metal. These varied influences bring a unique sound to the band. The band has started playing gigs around Bangalore and is slowly gaining popularity. With a set list usually consisting of original compositions, they're a band you wouldn't wanna miss! Band aid started playing small gigs like Saturday jam at central, and over the past couple of months the band took part in freedom jam, various college fests and have come out with good shows and results. Band Aid was also a part of 'Cemetery Gates' India's largest Metal Festival, where 23 top Indian bands played. The event made news across the world. Band Aid has also opened for UK based metal band 'Cyanide Serenity' on their Consuming India tour 2010 at Bangalore. 

Single Track List :

1. Covered In Blood
2. Existence
3. Fingerprint
4. Origins  YouTube  
5. Beheaded  Mp3 Download
6. Alive  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 
7. Bomb Has Been Planted  Mp3 Download YouTube

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. Hey thanks a lot for the support \m/
    It'd be great if you updated some info, as tushar is no more a part of the band :)
    Also, remove the first pic :P

    Again thanks a lot, and amazing stuff with the blog! \m/

    -Ketan, Guitarist.

  2. one of the most horrible bands in jain college lol


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