Band Members :
Krishnan - Drummer
Karthik - Bass
Ripple - Guitar
Mridul - Vocals

Decibel is a Progressive Metal band from New Delhi, formed in 2003. Decibel was started as Thrash Metal act, but with constant experimentation with various genres of Rock / Metal, individual influences and creativity of band members, Decibel has developed its own sound, which is mixture of Thrash Heavy Metal and Progressive / Technical Rock.

Single Track List :

1. Ghost In Your Mirror  Mp3 Download 
2. Long Road of  Dreams
3. Time Machine
4. Naagin The Lady Cobra  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 Mp3 3 Video 
5. Innocent Souls   Mp3 Download  
6. Bleed
7. Born Again 


Click Here To Listen Tracks

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