DogmaTone Records : The First Mutiny

DogmaTone Records is headquartered in Bangalore and have representatives in Pune and New Delhi. DogmaTone Records promotes the music of a band and also conducts stage shows, reviews in trade magazines, etc. DogmaTone Records is a registered Indian record label, formed with the objective of promoting and encouraging Indian rock music. DogmaTone Records has released an album titled The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock in 2007. This is a compilation of India's unknown, yet talented rock bands. The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock is DogmaTone Records' first release that has received reasonable success and acclaim. DogmaTone Records is trying to reach out to more cities and stores in the coming months. DogmaTone Records has now shown involvement in encouraging young rock bands, by offering winners of college festival Rock competitions, a record deal. According to the team behind DogmaTone Records, tie-ups with premiere educational institutions of India to make this a yearly process are currently in progress.

Track List:

1. Verteigo – Believe
2. Moonstruck – Hold
Your Breath
3. Exodus – Desperation

4. Pralay – Moksha

5. Grungy Morphins – Dark-ula
6. Demonic Resurrection
Spirits of The Mystic Mountains
7. Kastadyne – Chikenator
8. Scream of Silence – Boundaries of Freedom
9. Night Train – Falling Down

10. Hunger – Tipalo
11. Indian Breves – Rush In My Head
12. Cassini’s Division – Drown

13. Enthrall – David & Goliath
14. Kradle o Beats – Don Wanna Fall In Love
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15. Alter Ego – Uncle Damn 
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