Fine Tuned Disasters

The album is titled "Fine Tuned Disasters" produced by ‘The Demonstealer’ on  Demonstealer Records released in early 2009. A complication is always a good way to dig deeper into the metalscene of a certain county. The bands represented on this album cover the genres, melodic death, Nu-metal and hardcore. This album consists of  6 awesome bands from Mumbai, India.

Track List:

Bhayanak Maut - Malignant :
1. Boiled, Unwound, Filatured
3. Plegm Blot Technik
4. Elcit Set Nois Rot

Skincold – Artificial Existence :
5. Low Down
6. Braindead
7. 4/20
8. Take Me Away


Scribe - Have Hard, Will Core :
9. Ninety Seconds Is One Minute
10. Buddy
11. Bookie Love Song
12. One Wing Pencil


Bitchslap – Through The Looking Glass :
13. My Chemical Dream
14. Through The Looking Glass


Amidst The Chaos – Catharsis :
15. Latent Principle
16. 5 Minus 1


Bonus Tracks :

17. No Regrets – Pin Drop Violence
18. Fine Tuned Disasters – The Demonstealer

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