Five Little Indians

Band Members :
Neel Adhikari – Vocals / Guitars
Allan Ao – Guitars / Vocals
Arka Das – Drums / Percussions
Sayak Bandyopadhyay – Vocals / Guitars
Roheet Mukherjee - Bass Guitars / Vocals
Former Members :
Sandip Roy - Bass / Backing Vocals
Rabi L. Roy - Bass / Backing Vocals
Sanket Bhattacharya - Bass Guitars / Vocals

Five Little Indians (FLI) is an Alternative Rock band from Kolkata, formed in January 2007. The band merges melodic rock and a heavier sound with singer-songwriter sensibilities. The bands use of Hindustani Classical vocals as another voice — and not as a ‘fusion’ ploy — results in a soundscape that can only be defined as its own. FLI played its debut show at the Eastwind Festival '08. Since then, the band has gone on to be featured in Stupidditties 2, a compilation of Indian "un-metal" music from ennui.BOMB , supported by Counter Culture Records. FLI, along with Bertie Da Silva and The Supersonics, organised the first chapter of Elektrik Kool Rock Revue in May 2009, a platform for original music. The band headlined the Autumn Festival 2009 at Shillong and then the prestigious Hornbill Festival in Kisama, Kohima, Nagaland. In February 2010, FLI supported pop superstar Richard Marx at Rock'N'India, Bangalore, along with Swarathma, Jaycee Lewis and Prime Circle from South Africa. FLI also played the Greenpeace Earth Day Fest in May 2010. The band also created the soundtrack and background to director Q's underground/extreme film Gandu. In May 2011 the band split up.

Single Track List :

1. Cracks
2. Past Midnight
3. Go Back In Time
4. Happy Birthday 
5. I Just Learned
6. Scream At The Sun
7. You Make My World Turn To Lead
8. Static
9. Gandu (Movie Soundtrack)  Mp3 Download 

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