Band Members :
Robin Mathew – Vocals
Adhir Ghosh – Guitars
Steve Peter– Bass
Aveleon Vaz – Drums
Shiv Ahuja - Keyboards

Five8 is a Funk / Progressive / Hard Rock band from New Delhi, formed in the summer of 2005. With influences ranging from glam rock to soul, progressive music to pop, Five8’s work resonates through a constantly evolving city life, running parallel and colliding with concrete construction, scorching temperatures, traffic jams, insatiable appetites, and just some plain wishful thinking. Five8’s music tells their story from within, and by stepping outside of the emerging Indian independent music milieu, using this apparent challenge to create Five8’s unique sound.

EP 'Five8' 2010 Track List :

1. After Sex
2. Funktuation
3. Believe
4. I Cant
5. When Its Tomorrow  Mp3 Download 

Album "Our Imaginarium" 2014 Track List :

1. Colours
2. He Talks
3. Ballad To The City
4. Flachback
5. Broke
6. What I Was Told
7. State of Mind
8. Waiting
9. Our Imaginarium

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Single Track List :

1. Away  Mp3 Download 
2. The Feel Good Song  Mp3 Download 
3. Twenty 07

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