Furtados Music : Because You Love Music Vol. 1

Furtados Records , the new division of Mumbai based music instruments retailers ‘Furtados Music’ is coming out with their debut album titled "Because you love Music Vol. 1" released in 2009. Produced by Sahil 'Demonstealer' Makhija (of Demonstealer Records) and Anupam Roy (Grey & Saurian Records), this compiliation will feature 10 tracks from up coming bands from Mumbai and New Delhi.


1. Apollonian Quest – Labyrinths of Eternal Darkness
2. Five8 – Twenty07
3. The Echoes – No Escape
4. Guillotine – Crave
5. Sabotage – Kill Me
6. The Angry Mob – No TV For Us
7. Descarta - Stopping Apocalypse
8. Other Life Experiences – Little More Dry
9. Chronic Phobia – Kill Drag Die
10. The Dodge – Fisherman’s Dream

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