Highway 61

Band Members :
Mohammad Muneem - Lead Vocals
Rohit Vasudevan - Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Jatin Kale - Lead Guitars
Hardik Vaghela - Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Rahul Majumdar - Bass / Backing Vocals
Anant Joshi - Drums

Highway 61 is a Sufi Ethnic Rock band from Pune, formed in November 2008. Each of the band members have been part of various rock bands over the past 7-8 years, and in that time they have been through the usual rock / heavy metal / film music phase that most bands go through. It is now time to make some serious music, and it is with this intention that Highway 61 was conceived. More over each one wanted to make music an expression. Blues, Metal and Hindustani classical music influences can be felt in the music. Urdu / Hindi / English lyrics combined with Rock / Blues give the band the unique feel that it has. The name Highway 61 is an iconic road which runs in the US right from the southernmost sections of Missouri to the Canadian border. In the early 19th century, when the African natives (brought to the country as slaves to work in cotton plantations) began their freedom movement, they moved via this route to central USA. It was along this road that they diverged and gave birth to American music as we know it today. Jazz, blues, rock - all these forms of music have evolved from the native African music form. It also gave birth to several great musicians including Bob Dylan who has dedicated an entire album to this iconic road. Highway 61 stands for freedom of expression and liberation of music.

Single Track List :

1. Jaago Zara  Mp3 Download  
2. Go Green  Mp3 Download
3. Umeed  Mp3 Download (Live)Video 
4. Mazhab
5. Mukhtalif  Mp3 Download 

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  1. मला तुमचा COEP मधील कार्यक्रम अतिशय आवडला !!!


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