Band Members :
Tejas Narayan (TJ) - Bass / Guitars / Keys
Sheldon Fonseca - Vocals / Lyrics
Live Show Members :
Vaibhav Wavikar - Drums
Lavkik Gangurde - Lead Guitars

Kastadyne is an Alternative Rock band from Mumbai. It is basically the writer-composer duo of Sheldon Fonseca and Tejas Narayan (TJ). The band loves to throw in a bit of electronica into their songs. In 2007, Kastadyne released their debut album, Eleven Complaints, mastered by XARC in Germany. They then followed it up with their second album, Hover, mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago. The anthemic song, Victim of my Anger, from the first album shot to No.1 on the alternative rock charts of soundclick.com, a first for an Indian Rock band. After the release of their second in 2010, band members took an academic break. After a gap of 3 long years they plan to return to the indie scene with full band setup and some new tunes.

Album 'Eleven Complaints' 2008 Track List :

1. Victim of My Anger
2. All The Power
3. Never Mind
4. Laugh
5. I Don't Know Why
6. Greedy Needs
7. Food For Blood
8. Don't Waste The Bullet
9. Chickenator
10. Blur In The Mirror
11. Rat Race

Album 'Hover' 2010 Track List :

1. Digging Deep Down
2. Leecher
3. Mortal Moonlight of The Untidy Soul
4. These Are The People
5. Ghosts
6. Bricks
7. Come Hover Over Earth
8. Flamboyant Citizen
9. What Will You Buy Next?
10. Evil Woman
11. Creeping Beauty
12. You Are The Light

Single Track List :

1. Live As India  Mp3 Download  
2. I Miss Yesterday  Mp3 Download
3. Raise our Hand  Mp3 Download
4. All Alone This Christmas  Mp3 Download
5. Nightmare
6. Forget The Government
7. Insane
8. Anything For Now Will Do

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