Lucid Recess

Band Members :
Amitabh Barooa - Vocals / Bass 
Siddharth Barooa - Guitars / Backing Vocals 
Partha Boro - Drums / Percussion

Lucid Recess is an Alternative Metal band from Guwahati (Assam), formed in April 2004 by brothers Siddharth and Amitabh. Partha Boro joined as their new drummer in 2009. Their music can be best defined as a blend of Alternative Metal and Rock with limitless sensibilities. Lucid Recess believes in making music that appeals to both the head and the heart. Primarily focused on writing catchy and intelligent alternative-metal nuggets with lyrics that generally talk about life and its many constituents, LR from the very beginning, have remained totally unbarred of commercial whims and predicaments.

EP 'Carved' 2007 Track List :

1. The Maze  Mp3 Download YouTube
2. Painstaking Obsession  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2 Video
3. You Will See… My Friend  Mp3 Download
4.  End That We Know  Mp3 Download
5. If I Could  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2
6. Does It Matter  Mp3 Download YouTube
7. The Forever War  Mp3 Download


Album 'Engraved Invitaion' 2010 Track List :

1. Time To Change  Mp3 Download YouTube 
2. The Tribe
3. Purpose  YouTube 
4. Lost
5. Colourful Deja Vu
6. Feel Like Human
7. Away
8. B.Y.T.C.
9. What's It To Me
10. Can't Help Me
11. Socially Active Warrior  YouTube
12. Calling

Album "Alive And Aware" 2015 Track List :

1. Dead Deep End Video
2. The Clock That Is Us
3. Wireless Junkies
  Video YouTube  
4. Madness
5. Metamorphosis
6. You May Have Everything
7. Time Walk
  8. What Made This Burn
9. Island
10. Changes Are Sold
11. Sphere of Nothingnes

Single Track List :

1. Guwahati Pran Amar  Mp3 Download YouTube 
2. One of Our Own  Mp3 Download YouTube 
3. Find My Way
4. Defence of Silence (Instrumenal)  Mp3 Download 
6. The Samurai Crab

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
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