Band Members :
Steward Lalrochama - Vocals
Victor Vanlalhruaia - Lead Guitars
 L.P.Laltleipuia - Drums
P.B.Liansangzuala - Bass

Magdalene is a Rock band from Aizawl (Mizoram), formed in August 2005 and got their name 'Magdalene' from the Bible - ‘Mary Magdalene', LUKE chapter 8:1-3. Their Nu-Age sound won them the 'Best Band' in their home town twice, by 2 of the leading Music Magazines - ‘Rimawi Khawvel' on 2006 and by ‘Lelte Weeky Magazine' on 2007. They have even been featured on the RAVE magazine. Mag has also participated in Great Indian Rock in both 2006 and 2007 and has won several competitions around India: 1st runners-up at IIT Roorkee 2006 Feb, Best Bassist, Best Original Composition in their song called 'Thy Kingdom Come', Best Band in IIT Roorkee on 2006 Oct, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Original Composition for ‘Don't Forsake me'... Best Band in IIT Kanpur on 2006 Oct, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Original Composition, ‘Fallen'. In the end of 2013, the band is active again after three and a half long year.

Album 'Life Beyond Death' 2006 Track List :

1. Nick of Time  Video YouTube 
2. Heaven or Hell  Mp3 Download
3. Eternal Life  YouTube 
4. Life Beyond Death YouTube
5. He Lift Me Up
6. Thy Kingdom Come
7. Open Your Heart  Video
8. This World Will Never Stop Me
9. Save Me  Mp3 Download YouTube
10. One By One
11. Don't Forsake Me
12. Christ - The Lord of All

Album 'Magdalene' 2010 Track List :

1. Place of An Angel  Video YouTube 
2. I Don't Wanna Fall
3. Kan Fak
4. Sweet Surrender
5. Worthy of Praise
6. Sunday Pump
7. Death Awaits
8. Phastan Law'ng Che  YouTube 
9. He's Waiting
10. Fallen (Middle of Nowhere)

Single Track List :

1. No Money, No Honey
2. Ala Nghak Che  YouTube  
3. Ka Tawngtaina ft.Jerracom  YouTube  
4. Live & Let Live  Mp3 Download 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. i want your music !!! i am from Bombay how to get it cant download it from anywhere!!

    1. http://www.misual.com/2009/09/24/magdalene-life-beyond-death/

  2. kan fak tih khi mp3 in emaw min lo pe teh u khai....

  3. i want to get your lyrics.Please suggest me how can i find. I'am from nagaland. thank you.

  4. U al r rely vry nice band.
    I luv yr 'save me'.

  5. love you guys, my fab. indian band......\m/

  6. coming naharlagun,arunachal pradesh..yea man with toko teji..ooo yea!!

  7. coming naharlagun,arunachal pradesh..! ooyea..with toko teji..!! yea man!

    1. yup man we are coming in Naharlagun,Arunachal Pradesh.

    2. Hello dear we going to organize a Rock Concert in the month of December here in Kokrajhar Assam. We would like you to Perform in this Show, Please Contact: 8724047155.

  8. can any one tell me where i can download these albums........send me the link plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......bloodfude@gmail.com

  9. north east rocks............

  10. May God bless madgalene Band

  11. Madgalene hla thar mi lo hrilh teh u..

  12. damn gud band. <3

  13. from where should i download these songs
    please send any links

  14. plz send me the link from where i cud download these songs

  15. you guys are awesome

  16. Please send me a link where i can get I don't wanna fall lyrics

  17. Please send me a link where i can get ''i don't wanna fall'' lyrics

  18. In fact, i'm fond of your songs. . . . .and onething i wana ask u that is . . . .if it is your will. . .kindly send me "thy kingdom come" cause didnt find in google web. . . .
    Here my mail zealxir@gmail.com

  19. Indeed, i'm fond f ua songs. . . .and ask u to send me 'thy kingdom come ' lyric . . . Coz dint fin in google web. . . .

  20. Two-day rock fest in october in assam. Magdalene be interested to headline? Would like to contact the band

  21. Two day rock fest in assam in october. Magdalene would like to headline? Would like to have your contact details

  22. Jworsnop here- u can download their songs from tubidy

  23. Hi!
    I am from Jorhat Engineering College,Assam, and wanted to contact with the manager of Magdalene. I have few queries...
    pl reply.

  24. Hi,,,Jorhat Engineering College,Assam is going to organize a rock fest -POWERCHORD,
    ( competition) under the banner of Phoneix 2014 on 7,8,9 March, 2014.We are hoping if we could contact the manager of the band
    to negotiate about Magdalene being the guest band.

    1. Contact -
      Victor Vanlalhruaia - 09615527972
      (victor.rexa@gmail.com / victor@scavengermanagement.com)

  25. Best Indian Rock Band.......
    want to buy your CDs ....
    Im ftom Kolkata...
    Is there any chance that the band is going perform in kolkata soon?


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