Band Members :
Anup Kutty - Guitars
I.P. Singh - Guitars
Randeep Singh - Bass / Vocals
Paul Schneiter - Drums

Menwhopause is a Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2001. They were literally forced by its bunch of dedicated supporters and believers to push the music they were producing in an abandoned warehouse out into the open. The band been slowly but steadily setting benchmarks in India's music scene most importantly as being one of the first bands to have stuck to playing only original music and concentrating on the art of songwriting.


EP 'The Story Begins' 2003 Track List :

 1.Free  Mp3 Download
2. Sweet Despair  Mp3 Download
3. Fly Away  Mp3 Download

Album 'Home' 2006 Track List :

1. The Story Begins  Mp3 Download  
2. Free
  Mp3 Download
3. Light
  Mp3 Download  
4. Sweet Despair  Mp3 Download  
5. Dazed & Confused  Mp3 Download  
6. Fly Away  Mp3 Download  
7. Travelling Blues  Mp3 Download  
8. Father Monologue  Mp3 Download  
9. Puppets & Paupers  Mp3 Download  
10. To Seek Is To Lie  Mp3 Download  
11. Wishing Well  Mp3 Download  
12. Away  Mp3 Download  
13. Shotgun  Mp3 Download  
14. Home  Mp3 Download  

Album 'Easy' 2011 Track List :

1. Time
2. Can’t We Be Dreaming
3. Floating
4. Solitude
5. Puppets And Paupers  Mp3 Dpwnload
6. Lost
7. Sky Is Falling Down
8. Brimful
9. Downtown  Mp3 Download 
10. Sweet Despair  Mp3 Download
11. Keep
12. Father Monologue  Mp3 Download 
13. Circles  Video  
14. Easy  Video 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks


  1. Awsome dudes...

  2. Great Blog.. Great Band...

  3. U r rocking, Pala

  4. Finally I got an indian english songs band.

  5. love you guys!!! amazing


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