Point Blank

Band Members :
Shailanchal Uniyal - Vocals
George  Francis Puducherry - Guitars
Kaushik S Narayanan - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Shiva Ghose - Bass
Sanjay Gopal Krishnan - Drums

Point Blank is a Fun Rock band from Vellore (Tamil Nadu). They started out as a bunch of guys sitting in a hostel room playing "Nothing Else Matters", and from then on, nothing else really did matter. From early on they decided that rather than play covers like most other bands, they would concentrate on creating their own sound. From their first own composition onwards they experimented with different genres, mixing and matching heavy metal, reggae and hard rock as they went along. 

Single Track List :

1. Overdose  Mp3 Download 
2. Attitude
3. That Feeling  Mp3 Download 
4. Overdose 2.0 with keys!  Mp3 Download  
5. Valhalla 

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