Rat King

Band Members :
Deepak Raghu
Murari Vasudevan

Rat King is an Experimental / Ambient / Industrial music project from Chennai, formed in 2008 in Velachery (Madras). The music draws influences from significant metal origins and ambient moods, as well as tropical tones, instruments, and the use of orchestral and classical elements to narrate a tale, which is the pivot around which the albums revolve. The story, or concept, is told through layers of diverse instruments and often contrasting musical styles, creating an atmosphere that can suspend the listener in its portrayal. Rat King’s music can not be categorized into any specific genre, although it probably appeals most to fans of psychedelic, ambient, folk, industrial, progressive and experimental metal. Rat King is presently signed on to Roadcrew Records. Rat King has its roots in the Chennai based death metal band Maelstrom of which Murari and Deepak were a part of. When Maelstrom disbanded in June 2008, it left the two of them with crazy musical concepts in their head but no band to play it with. They soon realized that the music was far too eclectic and surreal to actually play with a band. Thus, Rat King was formed.

Album 'Plague of Hamelin' 2008 Track List :

1. The Plague of Hamelin  YouTube 
2. In To The Lair of Vermin
3. Metamorphosis pt 1
4. Metamorphosis pt 2
5. In Blood And Feculance We Unite

6. Lord Piper
7. 26061284  YouTube 
8. And Then There Were None
8. Hamelin Harvested

Album 'Larva' 2009 Track List :

1. Egg  YouTube 
2. Hour of The Wolf  YouTube
3. The Duel
4. The Wake
5. Spiracle
6. For Absent Gods

7. Tranquility Lane
8. Smorgasbord
9. Vapour

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