Band Members :
Raj - Guitars / Vocals
Abhishek - Guitars
BayZid - Bass
Akash - Drums
Bobby - Keyboards / Vocals

Septic is an Alternative / Progressive Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2005. Beyond emotions and frenzies, beyond emotions and frenzies, they seek to make a space for the ordinary people whose screams and agonies get suppressed in their very own lives.The songs that they create are somewhat the fusion between poetry that reflect the essence of an ordinary life portrayed as the un-ordinary. Their self compositions, especially like 'I Feel So Small' is a clear picture of the common spirit of many stories untold by the common man or woman...that smells of uncertainty on life, suppression, anxiety, memoirs that tend haunt us in our pleasant dreams. It is a wake up call for those who feel out of place, unsure of their fates and the revolving negativity. They have put our sincere efforts to paint life through our eyes, with music...we believe that there's a special reason why they enter this tainted world of ours...SEPTIC is just here to support you, in your pursuit for conquering your dreams, to rekindle the spirit of life...as good as it gets when we feel it's just not right. With an edge of the conflicts between irony and fate, they fuse the picture of truth in words with music, no holds barred that haunts their minds as we speak.

Single Track List :

1. I Feel So Small  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2  
2. The Cry Of Thanatos 
3. Alive  Mp3 Download  
4. Demon Is You  
5. Filth of Fate  Download: Mp3 1 Mp3 2   

 Click Here To Listen Tracks

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