The Bicycle Days

Band Members :
Karthik Basker - Vocals / Samples
Rahul Ranganath - Guitars
Ramanan Chandramouli - Guitars
Shek - Bass
Shreyas Dipali - Drums

The Bicycle Days is an Alternative Rock band from Bangalore, formed in November 2009. The refreshing thing about Bicycle Days (and of a clutch of bands in Bangalore that infuses the scene with hope) is that these young gentlemen have something to say. With lyrical themes that are as powerful social commentary as they are plain old enjoyable songs, they’re brave enough to speak of issues as thorny as religious intolerance – something that requires courage and conviction along with a sense of musical propriety. This unequivocally, is a band that is fearless and will stand for itself in the face of all the “this-is-not-how-music-is-played” pundits.

EP '42' 2010 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Zen
3. Circles  YouTube 
4. 27  YouTube 
5. Psychonaut (feat. Bill Hicks)  YouTube 
6. Something Human


Album "Calamitunes" 2013 Track List :

1. Vicious
2. Conundrum
3. Crawl (The Human Experience)  YouTube  
4. Indignation
5. Circles
6. Escape
7. Hush
8. Moulds
9. Truce

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Single Track List :

1. Sobered Anthem
2. Tele Drug Zombies
3. Zorbing In space
4. No Battery
5. Radio Song

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