Band Members :
Aseem Dhaneshwar - Vocals
Ishan Oka - Bass
Manas Mali - Guitars
Raghav Barve - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Aneeket Kate - Drums / Percussion
Former Member :
Rugved Sarode - Drums / Percussion
Guest Appearances :
Aakash Dani - Guitars
Aniruddha Gaikwad - Guitars

Treble is an Alternative / Experimental Rock band from Pune. Initially, they started with Sufi Rock as their genre. After performing at several events such as IIT Powai’s Mood Indigo, Battle of Bands etc. at a point they realized that they were not finding the right way to move ahead with their band called Infiniti. It lead to a break-up of their band. Ultimately, all five of them with the same ideology to create music in a very different way formed the band called Treble. 

Single Track List :

1. Why
2. Save Me
3. No Peace
4. The Rain  Mp3 Download 

Click Here To Listen Tracks 

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