Zinc formerly known as "The Apostles"

Band Members :
Devika Duggal - Vocals
Akshay Kaushik - Guitars / Vocals
Nitin Saxena - Guitars
Nawal Alvin Minj - Bass / Vocals
Gautam Menon - Drums
Former Members :
Soumya Jha - Vocals
Somyajit Roy - Keyboards
Madhav Moorthy - Guitars

Zinc (formerly known as 'The Apostles') is a Progressive / Experimental / Classic Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2006. Zinc's sound has been the subject of much debate since it does not conform to any particular genre. Featuring a host of influences, ranging from jazz to progressive rock, Zinc's music is charachterised by haunting vocals, blues influenced guitaring, signature drum beats, all defined and complemented by mature song writing. In addition, the band also tries to bring in a flavour of Art Rock, featuring long improvisational passages, which are important components of their music.

EP 'Zinc' 2008 Track List :

1. Jinxed
2. Last Sunset

3. Release
4. Sunday

Single Track List :

1. Night Time

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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