Band Members :
Mickey - Vocals / Percussion
Jojo - Vocals / Guitars
Jon - Keyboards / Special Effects / Percussion
Sun - Acoustic / Electronic Drums / Percussion

Cheese is a Rock band from Kolkata, formed way back in 1996 by Arjun and Samrat. The technical definition behind the name 'CHEESE' : Think about this - when you smile, endorphins are generally released, which makes you happy. When someone takes your photo, you smile. When they get you to smile, you usually say ... guess what? CHEESE ! So, with the Pavlovian conditioning thing (they should really know what the technical name is for that, which is embarrassing), the word cheese becomes associated with happiness, laughter and fun. Did you know according to Trivial Pursuit, cheese is known as milk's immortality?

Album 'Josh' Track List :

1. Aag
2. Meri Zindagi  Mp3 Download 
3. Kamee  Video  
4. Josh
5. Azadi
6. Yuva

Single Track List :

1. Amnesia
2. Wasted Years
3. Please Tell Me That You Love Me
4. Hard Time  Mp3 Download  

Click Here To Listen Tracks

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