Dark Helm

Band Members :
Dhairya Anand - Vocals
Raveesh Salelkar - Vocals
Mohanish Deshmukh - Guitars
Varun Babbar - Guitars
Shubhrayu De - Bass
Aniketh Shankar - Keyboards/Samples
Arijeet Mohapatra - Drums

Dark Helm is a Metal band from Pune, formed in November 2008. Dark Helm is a band with new ideas and influenced by music ranging from Ambient to Technical Death Metal, they vow to bring forth a brutal mix of metal never heard before. The sound of Dark Helm is a continuous process in making music that is as organic as it is technical. With a multitude of influences within the band we bring forth a fresh mix of metal unheard before and the sound of is the musicalisation of the journey of an ancient warrior through the sands of Persia and his quest to defend his throne, by bending time and cheating death. The band is signed to a California's music production company "Itchy Metal Entertainment". Currently the band is working on their second album.

Album "Persepolis" 2011 Track List :

1. 539 B.C.  YouTube
2. Warcry  YouTube
3. Sands Within  YouTube 
4. Cymbeline  YouTube 
5. Persepolis  YouTube 
6. Borrowed Time  YouTube
7. Jaffar  Video YouTube
8. Cyrus  YouTube
9. Origins I (The Prophecy)  YouTube
10. Origins II (Endings)  Video YouTube 
11. III  YouTube

Link 1   Link 2   Link 3

Single Track List :

1. Celestia ft.Tripshot Crew
2. Cairo, Settlement IX  YouTube 

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