Band Members :
Dx - Drums / Vocals
Wepu - Guitars / Vocals
Former Members :
Prashant - Vocals
Christopher - Bass

I/O is an Alternative / Pop Punk band from Shillong, formed on 1st Sept. 2009.  Their first performance on stage in KMC's western music competition, was an amazing experience for the band which will always leave an indelible mark in them. The band Members are Prashant as the vocalist and guitarist of alternative rock band 'Black Tie society', Chennai. Kristo the bass player is also a vocalist of Chennai's popular based Rock / funk band called 'Public Issue'. Coming from different styles of genre of music, places n culture, that never stopped them from forming the band. "Unity in diversity", "common brotherhood" thats what the band exudes. The first song  they performed as a band was mixes of pop punk & alternative music. Later, they all came to a decision that this style of music suited the band so well and  they have grown as a band n enriching their music.

Single Track List :

1. Come Alive  Mp3 Download 
2. Hidden

Click Here To Listen Tracks  

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