Still Waters

Band Members :
Avishek Lemo Gurung - Vocals
Sonam Lachungpa - Guitars 
Samir Gurung - Guitars
Lokesh Mangar - Bass
Ronald Pradhan - Drums

Still Waters is a Rock band from Gangtok (Sikkim), formed in 2001. Playing their brand of "Feelgood High-Energy Riff Rock", Still Waters have gone through probably every kinds of achievement that a rock band in India can aspire to go through. Taken from the old saying "Still waters run deep" the band's name reflects the band's music and image. Coming from a simple place like (Gangtok) Sikkim, the guys are simple non-rockstar-flashy generaly. But their onstage presence and their original music is far from being gentle n' simple. Still Waters started adding respectable laurels to it's list of achievements real early. Major college fest' victories, full-length album's release, headlining gigs, T.V appearances, Best Indian Band nominations. These guys have been through all of these. Since then, the band's been giggin' loud and proud all over the country. The band mainly focuses on creating Original music "Feel good, Riff Rock Band" as it is normally called by most. The band is currently working on their 3rd full-length album.

Album 'Such A Long Time' 2002 Track List :

1. Life In A Bottle
2. Far Sighted Woman
3. Rock To The Rescue
4. Paradise Lost  YouTube
5. Live A Little
6. Happy Go Lucky
7. In Love With A Stranger
8. Standing On Thin Ice

Album "Starting From Scratch" 2011 Track List :

1. Priyasi
2. Sodha
3. Pharki Na Au
4. Jhutho Prayaash
5. Till My Dying Day
6. Mero Sabai Khushi
7. Dui Dinko Zindagi
8. Step By Step

Single Track List :

1. Mortality  Mp3 Download 
2. What I Really Think
3. The Way You Gave Me Life
4. A Piece of Piece
5. Gonna Try

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2



  2. May i please know which ibanaze guitar does SONAM uses??

    1. as far as i have seen videos of still waters....sonam uses EPIPHONE LES PAUL....its the rhythm guitarist playing IBANEZ RG 370DX

  3. for more info




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