The Chameleon

Band Members :
Pratik - Vocals / Guitars
Malli - Guitars
Jithesh - Drums / Percussions
Soumo - Guitars / Vocals
Sanjesh - Guitars / Vocals
Lloyd - Keyboards
Nikhil - Bass

The Chameleon is a Rock / Acoustic / Blues band from Bangalore, Karnataka, formed in May 2005. Working in Infosys, the seven of them came to know one another through common friends or just happened to run into each other in the Infosys music room. They formed the band to play for a Bangalore corporate competition Touchbass, their performance won good praise from all around. The success of their first show was motivation enough for them to stick together and achieve more. Coming from different parts of the country, their musical tastes and influences are quite different. It is in fact this varied taste that prompted them to name their band Chameleon. The range of music influences also shows in the covers they do - Deep Purple, Dream Theater, KK, Atif Aslam, Yanni.. the list goes on. Being truthful to the band name, their originals fall into various genres. In the songs they've created over the last year or so, one would find pop, classic rock, alternative rock and hard rock; none of them has been angry enough to write a heavy metal song. What do their songs talk about? Again, blaming it all on the band name, they've written about a successful guy, a failed lover, a frustrated citizen... but yes, one could generalize the themes and lyrics as those which go with our culture and times (Our protagonist will never call his wife ‘Mama').

Brief about the band members :
Lloyd, for instance, has a Grade 7 certification in playing the piano; and being a devout Christian is very fond of gospel music. 

Jithesh played the tabla with a Kerala film music troop for some time before he started playing drums for his college band, he loves playing weird rhythms and progressions, even though they find it difficult to keep up with him. 

Sanjesh, probably the most experienced stage performer among them, is an avid follower of Indian rock bands. 

Pratik has experimented with a lot of musical styles, playing guitars and drums for his college band; he discovered his immense potential as a singer about a couple of years back and has been getting better with every show. 

Malli loves Indian film music, he used to play lots of it at school and college; after joining the band, he has not had time off from hard rock. 

Nikhil is a wonderful improviser on the bass guitar; he loves songs with lots of energy which can bring the crowds to life. 

Soumo is a great admirer of the ‘easy listening' genre and that probably explains the feel he has for his guitar and his ability to give note-perfect backing vocals. 

Single Track List :

1. Beneath The Ninth   Mp3 Download  
2. Deep Breath   Mp3 Download  

Click Here To Listen Tracks  

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