Dissected Souls

Band Members :
 Yogen - Vocals
Dipesh - Guitars

Divyash - Guitars
Sunny - Bass
Rupsang - Drums

Dissected Souls (formerly known as 'Soul') is a Groove Metal band from Darjeeling, formed in 2010. Original Music of the band comprises of Melody, Grooves and Progressions derived out of their ownselves. The music they do is not prematurely defined in any particular manner as such as this is a complete approach of their own self fancied views towards the bands they listen to and follow. Their music comprises of catchy breakdowns which hit you straight in the face and gives you an undermining power to feel what is being done. Currently the band is working on their debut self-titled EP.

Single Track List :

1. Remorse
2. Dissected Souls
3. All Hail The Mindfreak
4. Cries In Vain
5. Absolute Replenishment
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6. Sovereign  Mp3 Download 

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