Once Chosen

Band Members :
Arun 'AJ' Joseph - Vocals
Lincoln Samuel - Guitars / Bass / Programming
Vaisakh Syam - Keyboards / Programming
(Live) Members :
Sibi Kurian - Guitars
Levin Samuel - Bass
Govind 'Wolfrider' Ashok - Drums

Once Chosen is a Christian / Alternative / Experimental band from Tiruvalla, Kerala, formed in late 2009. This is a project spearheaded by singer Arun Joseph K. and guitarist / songwriter Lincoln Samuel. An anonymous jam session between the then duo (at a dorm room) came to end in a genre bending bowl of alternative music that had a new and unique feel combining elements of spacey alternative rock guitars and an un-orhtodox approach to fusing the same with karnatic vocal melodies. This was followed by immense songwriting over the following days giving birth to the group's first ever single 'Presence'. The duo have extended their lineup to accomodate some of the finest musicians handpicked from various musical influences and genres to include Govind Asok Kumar on drums, Vaishakh Syam on Keys and Samples and Sibi Kurian on guitars. Kurian has also played a guest spot on their song 'This Cross' before the live lineup was finalised. The ultimate aim of their music, songwriting and its direction is focused on the Christian faith and its values and its influence on their personal lives, on society and the world today. What resulted was the discovery of a whole new Alternative Rock song writing style which turned out to be the hallmark of most the songs which were to follow. 

EP 'Superliminal' 2010 Track List :

1. Presence
2. Kelkane
3. Saved
4. This Cross ft. Sibi Kurian

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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