Soul Legion

Band Members :
Mudit Himwan - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Snehil Gautam - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Shakti Sangwan - Drums
Aditya Rajan - Bass Guitar

Soul Legion is an Alternative / Grunge / Rock band from Delhi. They came together as a group of four individuals passionate about their music and wanting to make a serious revelation to the Indian Music scenario. The band believes in making music that is soulful and that which invokes a feeling of self-realization. This is done by each member giving their personal touch to the music they create. With Mudit's melodic vocals, Snehil's blues' scale mixed up with a grunge finish, Aditya's groovy bass guitar and Shakti's powerful beats n rolls we were able to put together the ideas and come out with a band which can literally kill for music. Although the bands music is not restricted to any particular genre, it can be described as a mix of alternative, grunge with a touch of classical to it.

Single Track List :

1. Nonchalant  Mp3 Download  
2. Epiphora  Download: Mp3  YouTube  
3. The One For You 


Click Here To Listen Tracks   

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