We Are The Scene Vol. I

We Are The Scene Vol. I was released in 2004 by ennui.bomb with support of ThroatLatch Records, RSJ, Gigpad, one rocking club Razzberry Rhinoceros of Mumbai and all the 14 bands. This album consist of 14 tracks, which is a big achievement for the Indian Underground. 


1.  Living On - The Salvation Crusade
 2. Where I Rule - The Limit Breaks
 3. Norm The Guy Is Cool - Tripwire
 4. Woman Alone - Kolorfools
5. Crucified Hopes - Rainvan
6. Money Flavored Alcohol - Teenage Angst
7. Evil Under The Sun - Frostwork  Mp3 Download 
8. Departure - Xenon  Mp3 Download 
9. The Obsolete - Devoid
10. Desert Storm - Vishnu
11. Intellectual Pursuit - Shrapnel
12. Bathed In Blood - Reptilian Death
13. Among The Dead - Exhumation
14. First Morning Void - Bhayanak Maut

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