We Are The Scene Vol. II

We Are The Scene Vol. II was released in 2005, produced and distributed by ennui.bomb and supported by ThroatLatch Records, RSJ, Gigpad, drummingworld.com and all the members of the band. This album consist of 12 tracks of different bands.


1. Tripwire - That's Not What I Want
2. Human Abstract - Disjoint
3. The Lemnisk8 - Shadow Off The Sun  Mp3 Download 
4. Messiah - Then We Go Out
5. Nemesis - Breakaway
6. Devoid - Poems of Death
7. Vertigo - Believe
8. Bhoomi - Dead Time Stories
9. The Salvation Crusade - Rest In Peace
10. Lucid Recess - The Samurai Crab
11. St. Inel - Burn
12. Rainvan - Heal

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