Arcane Deception

Band Members :
Saurabh Seth - Guitars
Manu Tyagi - Vocals / Bass
Siddharth Kaushik - Drums
Akshat Taneja - Keyboards
Former Members :
PC - Guitars (Nov 2008 - March 2010)
Kshitij Banerjee - Keyboards (Nov 2008 - July 2011)

Arcane Deception is a Melodic Death Metal band from Delhi, formed in November 2008. The band members had been playing in different bands before they came together to form Arcane Deception. All of them bring different inspirations to the band which gives the band a unique sound which essentially comprises of the basic metal elements coupled with symphonic melodies, progressive parts & groovy rhythms. The band from the very beginning has focussed on the importance of originality and will be the main element in their music till they meet the reaper. 

EP "Arcane Deception" 2011 Track List :

1. Troops In Oblivion  Video YouTube
2. Arcane Deception
3. Pain Arcane
4. Ghost In The Ghetto
5. Coupe De Grace  YouTube


Other Single Track List :

1. The Ritual  
2. Bastard's Quest  (Live)Video

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
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