Band Members :
Shawn Pereira - Vocals
Reinhardt Dias - Guitars
Anish Menon - Guitars

Roop Thomas - Bass
Varun Sood - Drums

Blakc is an Alternative / Post Grunge band from Mumbai, formed in early 2006. The band has always been about two things, the music and the people. They believe that their music is an extension of their personalities and the only way to connect to so many music lovers. Off stage they are weird, on stage they can tear a place apart purely because of the energy they have. Blakc since its beginning has been unable to fit into genres, they stopped trying and stuck to doing what they loved doing more than any other which is making their own music. They each have such various influences that every song has multiple personalities. Their first album 'Choking On A Dream' doesn't have a rant or any particular message it tries to drive. The songs are all about emotions like anger, hurt and love.

Album 'Choking On A Dream' 2009 Track List :

1. Rift  YouTube 
2. Alone  YouTube 
3. Sold (Loose Change Version)  YouTube 
4. Newspaper Boy  YouTube 
5. Devil's Sympathy  YouTube 
6. Field of Thought  (Live)Video YouTube 
7. Ambush  YouTube 
8. Somewhere In The Night  YouTube 
9. Sold  YouTube 
10. Epilog  YouTube 

Download The Album

Album 'Blakc Live At The Blue Frog (Unplugged)' 2010 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Somewhere In The Night
3. Rift
4. Blacklised
5. Carpenter's Don't Fuck
6. Newspaper Boy
7. Paper Doll
8. Field of Thought
9. Sold (loose change version)
10. Denial
11. The Dreamcast
12. Untitled  Video  
13. Alone
14. Black (Pearl Jam Cover)

Album "MotheredLand" 2012 Track List :

1. Bitten  YouTube 
2. The Dreamcast  YouTube 
3. Agenda  YouTube 
4. Peddlers of Rainbows  YouTube 
5. Untitled  YouTube 
6. Angry Song  YouTube 
7. Blacklisted  YouTube 
8. Storm  YouTube 
9. Paper Doll  YouTube 
10. Porcelain (Carpenters Don't Fuck)  YouTube 

Download The Album
Link 1   Link 2

Single Track List :

1. Choices  Mp3 Download Video 

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